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The New Forest Nappy Library was launched in March 2022, serving the whole of the New Forest.  We are very grateful to Hampshire County Council for a grant that enabled us to buy all our kits and to our wonderful team of volunteers, all of whom are cloth nappy experts, who are on hand to help other parents take the plunge! 

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The use of cloth nappies is so much better for the environment, even taking into account all the water and electricity required for the frequent washing. So, our aim is to promote the use of reusable nappies to local New Forest parents by loaning out kits and offering information and support in using them. 

Although in the long term, the use of cloth nappies is much, much cheaper than using disposables, the initial financial outlay is significant and if you are not sure whether you will get on with them, or even what type is best for you and your baby, it can seem a daunting path to embark upon.  And that is where our Nappy Library comes in – it allows you to ‘try before they buy’.  You can borrow a kit with a whole variety different types of cloth nappies for a period of a month and then, at the end of the loan period, you return the kit to us, but hopefully you are in a much better position to decide whether you want to continue with reusable nappies or not, and if you do, which particular types fit your baby best. 

We charge a relatively modest hire fee to cover annual costs such as insurance, along with ongoing purchase of more nappies, either to replace any damaged/aged ones or buy new kits where possible and you will be required to also pay a returnable deposit.

We offer 2 types of kit:

The New-Born kit – aimed at small babies weighing less than around 4.5kg.

The Birth to Potty kits – aimed at babies from 4.5 kg upwards.


If you chose to hire a kit you will be paired up with one of our wonderful, experienced Cloth Nappy Volunteers who will talk you through everything and be on hand for any questions or problems you have throughout the hire period. 

If you would like to book a Nappy kit, please fill out the Google form online and we will in touch as soon as we can:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on:


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