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Greener Brockenhurst runs regular Repair Cafés.

A repair café is a place where you can take ordinary household items that are no longer working, or that have become damaged and you can find someone who will try to repair it for you in order to save it from being thrown away.

Perhaps you have something that needs a buttonhole repaired, a garden tool that needs a new handle, an electrical item that needs a minor repair.  Bring it along to one of our repair cafés.

Our repairers are all volunteers, so they are not paid for their work. They are usually not professional repair technicians, but ordinary people who are prepared to have a go at mending anything.   If you are a handy, DIY sort of person, please think about volunteering with us.

Although the service is free, donations are always welcome to help with the costs of hiring the venue.

And yes, you can also have a cup of coffee or tea  and a delicious homemade cake at the café as well!

For details on when the next Greener Brockenhurst Repair Café is taking place, please click on the button below.

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